The Plate CHAMELEON™V multitechnology plate reader provides a uniquely broad application spectrum for research and diagnostic purposes. All models are based on the same platform, which allows customizing and upgrading as necessary. Plate CHAMELEON™V deliveries include MS Windows® based MikroWin 2000 Lite software for reader control. The software is upgradeable …

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Hidex 300 SL : Super Low Level TDCR Liquid Scintillation Counter


SUPER LOW-LEVEL SCINTILLATION COUNTER Based on the success of the Hidex 300SL TDCR scinllation counter, Hidex has developed a version for detection of low-level activities. New Model Similar to the standard instrument the Hidex 300SL super low-level scinllation counter is equipped with three photomutiplier tubes to facilitate TDCR counting as …

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Hidex Sense Microplate Reader


Hidex Sense Microplate Reader Your scientific research is important to us With the right tools we guarantee you can effectively focus on your work. The Hidex Sense microplate reader is loaded with several unique innovative features to provide full flexibility at top performance. With touchscreen operated software and the compact …

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