The Plate CHAMELEON™V multitechnology plate reader provides a uniquely broad
application spectrum for research and diagnostic purposes. All models are based
on the same platform, which allows customizing and upgrading as necessary.
Plate CHAMELEON™V deliveries include MS Windows® based MikroWin 2000
Lite software for reader control. The software is upgradeable to 21 CFR part 11
compliant MikroWin 2000 data reduction software.

[spoiler title=”Plate CHAMELEON™V Multilabel Microplate Reader” style=”simple” icon=”caret-square”]The Plate CHAMELEON V Multilabel Microplate Reader is the only microplate reader still on the market that combines the capability to read radio labeled samples with the most common non-radioactive label technologies such as fluorescence, luminesce and absorbance. The Plate CHAMELEON can also be equipped to read time resolved fluorescence assays and fluorescence polarization assays.[/spoiler]chameleon [spoiler title=”Plate CHAMELEON™V Liquid Scintillation Microplate Reader” style=”simple” icon=”chevron-circle”]The Plate CHAMELEON V Liquid Scintillation Microplate Reader is the most economical and compact liquid scintillation microplate reader on the market. It is also the only reader that can be combined with temperature control for incubated assays. It comes with the unrivalled sensitivity of the luminometric detection in Plate CHAMELEON that can be upgraded with automatic reagent injectors for flash type luminometric assays.[/spoiler]chameleoncocktails
[spoiler title=”Plate CHAMELEON™V Fluorometer-Photometer-Luminometer Microplate Reader” style=”simple” icon=”chevron-circle”] The Plate CHAMELEON V Fluorometer-Photometer-Luminometer Microplate Reader combines the most common non-radiometric label technologies in an attractive, user friendly and cost efficient package. The instrument is available in two varieties: either equipped with unrivalled sensitivity of our Super Sensitive Luminescence mode or the more economical standard luminescence detection mode. For Kinetic assays the instrument can be equipped with onboard reagent injectors or temperature controlled incubation. [/spoiler]chameleoninjectors [spoiler title=”Plate CHAMELEON™V Plate CHAMELEON Stacker” style=”simple” icon=”chevron-circle”]For requirements with higher throughput the Plate CHAMELEON V microplate reader can be equipped with an automated microplate stacker. The Twister stacker loads plates of different height and format automatically. The stacker can also remove lids and restack the plates at the end of an assay. The software is equipped with a an easy to use wizard based software for creating new automation work-flows. Also bar code reading is possible.[/spoiler]chameleontwister