Africa Accessories


Africa Accessories Every Africa System is made up of a number of different modules and accessories. A list of all available Africa flow chemistry accessories are listed below. Microreactor Microreactor The etched glass chip reactors are the flow equivalent of a round bottomed flask. They come with either 2 or …

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Africa Modules


Africa Modules Every Africa System is made up of a number of different modules. Africa flow chemistry modules are listed below. Click on the image, text link or right-hand navigation to find out more information about any of the modules. Reagent Pump Reagent Pump Each pump module has 2 flow …

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Africa Flow Chemistry Overview


  Africa Microreactor Chip Africa Microfluidics System Africa Flow Chemistry Systems Africa Flow Chemistry Overview Africa is a fully automated, flexible and easy-to-use microreactor flow system. The Africa system allows R&D chemists working in discovery and process development to accelerate compound synthesis and reaction optimization.  

Asia Modules


Asia Modules Asia is a modular system. All the Asia modules can be purchased separately and arranged in any fashion to add new functionalities to an existing system. Your system evolves with your needs.Watch our new videos to see the wide range of flow chemistry modules and reactors available: Sample …

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Asia Process Optimization


Asia Process Optimization The Asia 330 – The most advanced Asia flow chemistry system, ideal for process optimization Asia 3-series flow chemistry systems are fully automated systems which are ideal for process optimization. Parameters such as reaction time, temperature and ratio of reagents can be varied and each reaction collected …

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