General Electrochemistry

Performing standard electrochemistry measurements, studies on analytes, ion determination, analytical chemistry, electrochemical cell characterization & modeling, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and determination of redox potentials fall into this category. Cyclic voltammetry, square wave voltammetry, potentiometry and coulometry are just a few of the methods to be mentioned when it comes to electrochemical analytics. Samples of organic and inorganic chemistry can be evaluated by these techniques in order to gain insight into their composition and the quantity of specific redox active species.

Common Areas of StudyFrequently Used Methods Recommended Products
  • Analytical Chemistry

  • Wastewater Analysis

  • Environmental Analysis

  • Medical Research

  • Biological Research

  • Classroom Demonstrations

  • Cyclic Voltammetry

  • Square Wave Voltammetry

  • Chronoamperometry

  • Chronopotentiometry

  • Rotating Disk Electrode Experiments

  • Rotating Ring Disk Electrode Experiments

  • Polarography

  • Coulometry

  • Squidstat Plus with EIS
  • Squidstat Prime
  • Squidstat Solo