Apex 396 Parallel Synthesizer

Apex 396 w label color corrected

Apex 396 Parallel Synthesizer

The Apex 396 Automated Multiple Peptide Synthesizer is the established market leader in parallel peptide synthesizers and single peptide synthesizers. This peptide instrument is ideal for producing drug discovery libraries, alanine scans, epitope mapping and peptide parallel libraries. Synthesis scales range from 1 mg up to 20 grams.

Higher Yields

Due to the unique design of the Teflon® reactor assembly, the resin stays at the bottom of the reactor, allowing it to stay in full contact with the reaction solution. Because of this, the resin does not stick to the sides of the reactor, thus the Apex 396 parallel peptide synthesizer produces higher yields of complete peptides with fewer deletion impurities.

Applying heat during difficult couplings often accelerates the reaction and improves the reaction yield.  Heating and cooling options are available on the Apex 396, allowing chemists to optimize temperature during each coupling for maximum yield.


The nitrogen-assisted bottom filtration quickly and thoroughly empties the reactor while maintaining an inert atmosphere, resulting in quick emptying. This process, in combination with fast delivery, minimizes the decomposition of the peptide resin due to extended contact with acid or base and allows quick, thorough and efficient washing of the resin to prevent impurities due to carryover.


These features make the Apex 396 Automated Multiple Peptide Synthesizer the obvious choice for automated ambient temperature parallel synthesis of peptides.