Automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

aurora-instruments-L22353 Automated solid phase extraction (SPE) is an increasingly useful technique designed for rapid sample preparation and purification for chromatographic or other analyses. Automated solid phase extraction (SPE) is a chromatographic separation technique utilized to remove solid or semi-solid compounds from a mixture in solution. Samples are concentrated and purified enabling downstream use by MS, GC, LC-MS, HPLC or other analytical methods. Automated solid phase extraction (SPE) uses the affinity of dissolved or suspended solutes in the liquid (mobile) phase for the solid (stationary) phase, through which the solution is passed to separate the mixture into desirable components.

Isolating compounds from biological and combinatorial chemistry matrices is a complex process. Standard manual methods are time consuming, prone to manual pipetting errors, and expensive reagents are often wasted unnecessarily. The primary purpose of automated solid phase extraction equipment is to improve efficiency by minimizing sample preparation time and reducing the cumbersome nature of solid phase extraction, thereby producing cost effective solutions while increasing the throughput and reproducibility of the process.

The VERSA automated SPE workstation can be equipped with either a positive pressure or vacuum system and a heating block/shaker that provides efficient automated solid phase extraction in industry standard 1, 3 and 6 mL SPE cartridges and 96-well microplates. The VERSA automated solid phase extraction workstation is designed to maximize sample preparation and cleanup steps prior to sample analysis for genomics, proteomics, LC/MS/MS, and GC/MS applications. The VERSA SPE workstation specializes in automating low volume solid phase bio-extractions, and provides utility in a variety of laboratories, including pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostic, forensic, tobacco, food and beverage.