VERSA Automated liquid handling Equipment

The VERSA Series of automated liquid handling equipment has been designed to minimize their space requirements while providing greater VERSAtility. This allows users to maximize the potential of their work. The VERSA Series of automated liquid handling equipment offers flexibility in size, volume range, and automated liquid handling modules for many custom applications. This automated liquid handler can fit almost any budget and fit into almost any laboratory environment. Aurora Instruments’ automated liquid handling equipment is ideally designed for many different sectors including academic research labs, pharmaceutical research and development, veterinary medicine, environmental research, forensics and security sciences, agricultural research and monitoring, and nutrition sciences.

The VERSA 1100 automated liquid handling workstation revolutionizes research and development in laboratories around the world. This multi-channel automated liquid handling system maximizes accuracy, precision and throughput while minimizing time and consumable costs. It offers flexibility in volume range, automated liquid handling modules, deck modules and labware adapters for custom applications used in specific protocols.
VERSA 1100
Multi Channel Liquid Handling


Features & Benefits
  •     Large volume range (nL to mL)
  •     Multi-channel automated liquid handling module, including:
  •         8 channel SyringePipettor (one channel can be used independently for master-mix preparation, cherry picking, etc)
  •             Please enquire about our 16-channel and 96-channel automated liquid handling module options
  •         5 – 8 channel ReagentDrop cluster for bulk dispensing of reagents
  •     Disposable tip changer and autoclavable tubes reduce cross-contamination issues
  •     Compatible with most commercially available kits
  •     User friendly drag-and-drop software
  •     HEPA / UV / Fluorescent light enclosure option
  •     Aqueous / Organic solvent compatibility
  •     Small footprint
  •     Integratable with third party equipment
Automated Liquid Handling Workstation

The VERSA 10 addresses the needs of research groups requiring high throughput liquid handling automation from a small bench top workstation. By combining either a 4 or 8 channel head with single channel functionality, this workstation enables researchers to automate routine protocols of varying throughput. As an open system, the VERSA 10 accommodates common reagents and labware at an affordable price while at the same time offering a contaminant free environment for PCR set up.
This versatile single-arm liquid handler brings automation into small laboratory spaces. With it’s nanolitre to milliliter pipetting and customization capabilities, the VERSA 110 is perfect for low-to-medium throughput automated liquid handling applications.
Automated Liquid Handling Workstation

VERSA 1100
Automated Liquid Handling Workstation

The VERSA 1100 liquid handler builds on the VERSA 110 by offering increased throughput and assay complexity while remaining a cost-effective piece of automated liquid handling equipment. This single-arm, multi-channel liquid handler offers researchers a flexible platform for medium to high throughput applications.
Featuring two arms capable of either liquid-handling or plate movement, the VERSA 2000 liquid handler expands on the capabilities of the smaller automated liquid handling equipment allowing researchers more application control and higher throughput. A larger deck footprint can accommodate a variety of modules necessary for many cell-based assays.
VERSA 2000
Automated Liquid Handling Workstation

The VERSA Series of automated liquid handling workstations is customizable to support a wide variety of requirements & applications. Options include, but are not limited to: larger deck sizes, multiple pipetting heads and arms, below deck access to plates and samples, integration of incubators, refrigeration and/or freezer units, qPCR instrumentation, plate readers, barcode readers, plate sealers, and DNA/RNA quantifiers, as well as a variety of other integration options.Aurora’s liquid handling workstations, liquid handling modules, deck modules and OEM solutions (including SyringePipettors, peristaltic pumps and XYZ autosamplers) may be customized and/or integrated with your research workflow according to your specifications.
VERSA Integration