Viscotek RI Detector (VE3580)

High-stability concentration detector, perfect for GPC/SEC chromatography and molecular weight determination.

Accurate measurement of the polymer or protein concentration profile is essential to good molecular weight or structure data. The high-stability Viscotek RI is ideally suited for multi-detection GPC/SEC.

OverviewHow it worksSpecification

The Viscotek RI Detector is sold as part of the Viscotek 270max system, or as a stand-alone module for connection to other chromatography components, such as the GPCmax, UV/Vis or PDA detectors.

  • Two temperature control profiles enable use at normal laboratory temperature or in cold room/cabinet conditions.
  • Automatically purged from the software or as part of a programmed sample sequence.
  • Carefully designed purging system minimizing major temperature changes, giving rapid baseline recovery.

A pump, such as the GPCmax, and some form of injection device, such as a manually actuated valve or autosampler, is connected to the RI detector. Mobile phase (and sample) enters the RI detector and passes through a dual compartment flow cell. One side of the compartment contains the reference solvent, and the other side contains the mobile phase that is constantly flowing through the detector.

Dissolved compounds cause a difference in the refractive index of the mobile phase when compared to the reference solvent, which in turn gives a change in the output of the detector. The output of the detector is directly proportional to the concentration of the compounds present in solution.


Dimensions (W, D, H):    220mm x 350mm x 160mm
Weight:    12 kg

Detector 1

Detector:    RI Detector VE3580
Measurement principle:    Deflection
Light source:    Tungsten Lamp
Cell volume:    9µL
Purging:    Manual, automatic and programmable
Data acquisition rate:    5Hz to OmniSEC
Temperature control range:    35° – 55°C in 1°C steps – normal environment. 10° – 30°C in 1°C steps – cold room environment

Measurement type 1

Measurement principle:    Differential Refractive Index detection

Operating environment

Temperature:    15°C – 40°C
Humidity:    35% – 80% non-condensing