Reactor Master

Reactor Master

The Syrris Reactor Master automates jacketed reactor systems and logs data without the need for PC software. Circulators, stirrers, thermocouples and RTDs from virtually any manufacturer can be controlled by the twist and click knob. Data can be viewed in real time and downloaded to a USB memory stick as a .csv file.

  • Easy to set up: Plug in any thermocouple or RTD, an RS232 controlled thermoregulator and RS232 controlled stirrer.
  • Easy to use: The twist and click knob allows set points, ramps or profiles for temperature, stirring speed and reagent dosed.
  • Accurate temperature control: Closed loop (PID) control of the circulator allows the reactor temperature to be controlled accurately, rather than setting a fixed circulator temperature.
  • Automatic data logging: All responses such as temperatures, stirrer speed, pH, turbidity, volume dosed etc. are displayed in real time and are continually saved to one .csv file.
  • Easy data download: One file of all reaction data is downloaded in seconds to a USB stick for off line analysis.
  • Empowering: Virtually any manufacturer’s apparatus can be configured into an automated system.
  • Compact footprint: 16 x 24cm (6½ x 9½”) fits conveniently by the reactor system.
  • Robust: Designed specifically for use in chemical laboratories.
  • Easy data analysis upgrade: The Reporting PC software allows graphs to be generated from the .csv data file at the click of a button.
  • Easy upgrade to full PC software: Adding PC Software allows complex recipe control, real time data plotting and control of other manufacturers’ hardware.


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ExamplesAny manually operated system. can be converted to an automated system with full data logging. By connecting the circulator, overhead stirrer and thermocouple to the Reactor Master, temperature and stirrer speed can be set by the twist and click knob and displayed on the LCD screen.Reaction temperature is controlled by PID rather than simply setting circulator bath temperature. Data is downloaded by inserting a USB memory stick. Reactor Master Flyer



There are two versions of Reactor Master to suit different requirements and budgets. A comparison table is shown below:

Feature Reactor Master
Reactor Master
Data logging Tick Tick
Data download to USB memory stick Tick Tick
Compatible with data analysis software Tick Tick
Control of thermoregulator temperature Tick Tick
2 x Thermocouples sockets Tick Tick
PID control of reaction temperature Cross Tick
2 x RTD sockets Cross Tick
Upgrade to full PC software control possible Cross Tick
pH meter compatible Cross Tick
Turbidity sensor compatible Cross Tick


Compatible Apparatus

The current list of apparatus that can be controlled and/or logged is below:


  • Huber
  • Julabo
  • Lauda
  • Haake

Temperature Sensors

  • K or T type thermocouple
  • Syrris Atlas RTDs (Pt100)
  • 2 and 4 wire RTDs

Overhead Stirrers

  • Tempstir
  • IKA
  • Heidolph

pH Meters

  • Syrris Atlas


  • Syrris Atlas