Globe Chemical Reactor

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Globe Chemical Reactor

Globe Chemical Reactor with Reactor Master


Globe is an innovative jacketed reactor platform from Syrris.
It has been designed by chemists to offer the ultimate ease of use and reaction flexibility. The advanced technology allows vessels from 50ml to 5L to be compatible with just one clamp and one lid. Globe enables vessel changes in seconds, automatic stirrer alignment, the widest range of pressures and temperatures available and upgrades to full automation.Globe saves time, money and space, click here to find out more.Globe Benefits

  • More reactions in less time: The Globe oil drain unit and quick clamp allow “single hand” vessel changes in seconds
  • Space saving: 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, 3L or 5L vessels, all use the same clamp, lid, circulator and adjustable height Globe platform
  • Easy to use: No tools, no fuss
  • Maximum chemical resistance: All wetted parts are glass or PTFE (stainless steel and Hastelloy options available)
  • Wide temperature range: -90ºC to +250ºC
  • Wide pressure range: Vacuum (50 mbar) to 0.25 bar (or 3 bar with pressure system)
  • Leak free vessels: The spring loaded bottom outlet valve eliminates leaks even at extremes of temperature and pressure
  • Upgrade to automation: Add the Globe Reactor Master or PC software for total automation of reaction parameters
  • Robust and reliable: Built on Syrris’ extensive experience, the Globe reactor system is built to last



  • 1 Oil drain unit
    Press button to drain thermo fluid for leak free vessel changes
  • 2 Oil pipe tidy
    Avoids drips and safely seals the pipes while changing vessels
  • 3 Adjustable height clamp
    Lower position for up to 2L, high position for up to 5L
  • 4 Quick connections
    Thermo fluid connections made in seconds
  • 5 Wide range of stirrers
    Different styles and lengths available
  • 6 Bottom outlet valve
    Spring loaded valve offers leak free sealing even at extremes of temperature and pressure
  • 7 Base
    Sturdy yet compact base


Globe Features
  • 8 Easy lift stirrer
    Pull the lever to raise the stirrer
  • 9 Easy stirrer seal
    Chemically resistant, auto aligning stirrer seal and guide
  • 10 7 Port lid
    A wide range of port sizes in both vertical and compound angle configurations
  • 11 Quick clamp
    No tools required to change jacketed vessels in seconds
  • 12 Temperature control
    Temperature probes connected to the circulator offer accurate closed loop temperature control
  • 13 Jacketed vessels
    50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 2 litre, 3 litre, 5 litre in jacketed or vacuum jacketed format
  • 14 Drip tray
    5L drip tray with pouring spout


Globe Upgrade Options

Optional automation without PC

Add the Globe Reactor Master to automate, display and log temperature, stirring speed, additions, pH etc.

High Pressure

3 bar pressure systems are available for Globe including automated gas selection and pressure control

Optional PC Software

Add the Globe Reactor Master PC software for sophisticated automation

Jacketed Vessels

Globe offers an extremely wide range of vessel sizes and profiles with or without vacuum jackets.


Globe offers a wide range of stirring options due to the innovative stirrer seal and guide.

Temperature Control

Globe is designed for accurate temperature control over a very wide range of temperatures.