Batch Product


Batch Product

Syrris’ batch reactor product families (designed specifically for chemists and chemical engineers) are called Globe, Atlas and Custom Reactor Systems:

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Atlas Systems

Atlas Systems

Atlas: A range of modular, fully automated chemistry systems for processes in jacketed reactors, flasks or vials.

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Globe - Reactions Made Easy

Atlas Systems

Globe: A jacketed chemical reactor system from 50ml to 5L that saves time, money and space.

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Custom Laboratory Reactor System

Custom Laboratory Reactor Systems

Custom Reactor Systems: For requirements outside of the Atlas and Globe ranges. See the batch specifications table.


Atlas - Jacketed Laboratory Reactors

Atlas Batch Chemistry Reactor System Range


Atlas is a revolutionary range of modular products, which can form a wide range of lab reactors. Atlas offers manual or automated control of one or many reactions at a time with volumes from 5 litres to 1ml in jacketed reactors, flasks or vials.

Designed specifically for ease of use, all Atlas chemical reactors can be scaled in 3 ways: by volume, automation level, and number of reactions.

What’s more, it’s extremely fast and easy to change configuration from one to another without tools. All of the systems are highly chemically resistant and automated synthesis can be controlled by the hardware or PC software.

See one of the following pages for more details:

  • Atlas Overview
  • Atlas Jacketed Reactors
  • Atlas Calorimeter
  • Atlas Pressure Reactors
  • Atlas Flasks and Vials
  • Atlas Parallel Systems
  • Atlas Syringe Pump
  • Atlas Software

Atlas reaction vessel systems can perform a range of processes including: reaction calorimetry, FT-IR analysis, crystallization control, volumetric and gravimetric dosing, pH monitoring and control, high pressure applications, parallel systems and many more.


Globe Manual Jacketed Reactor System

Globe Manual Jacketed Reactor System Range


Globe is an easy to use jacketed chemical reactor system that saves time, money and space. The advanced technology allows vessels from 50ml to 5L to be compatible with just one clamp, one lid and one circulator.

See one of the following pages for more details:

  • Globe Chemical Reactor
  • Globe Saves Time, Money and Space
  • Jacketed Vessels
  • Stirring
  • Temperature Control
  • Globe Pressure Reactors
  • Automating Globe
  • Automation with the Reactor Master

Globe enables vessel changes in seconds, automatic stirrer alignment, pressures from vacuum to 3 bar and temperatures from -90ºC to + 250ºC. The Globe jacketed reactor system can be upgraded to allow automatic control of liquid or gas dosing with or without a PC.


Custom Laboratory Reactors

Custom Reactor Systems

Custom Reactor Systems

For reactor systems with requirements outside of the Atlas range or to automate systems already owned by customers, Syrris offer Custom Reactor Systems and the Reactor Master respectively.

Syrris’s Custom Reactor Systems are designed and built to your specifications and rigorously tested at our facility before installation at your laboratory. Complete systems from 100ml to 250 litres can be configured using virtually any manufacturer’s apparatus. This can be entirely automated using the Reactor Master PC Software.

Recently developed and installed systems include: a high pressure (200 bar) and high temperature (500°C) continuous flow reactor; an automated 100 L single jacketed glass reactor system (-20°C to +200°C) with temperature dependent gravimetric dosing; and a 1.5 L high pressure (60bar) and high temperature (350°C) calorimeter.

See one of the following pages for more details:

  • Custom Reactor Overview
  • High Pressure Systems
  • Atmospheric Systems
  • Continuous Flow Reactors
  • Automation Options
  • Super Critical Flow Cells

Alternatively for the automation of a pre-existing jacketed reactor system already in your laboratory, Syrris offer the Reactor Master.


Which system is best suited for my needs?

Syrris Batch Reactor Systems Atlas Systems
Atlas Logo
Globe System
Globe Logo
Example of Custom System
Custom Logo
Automated Jacketed Reactor
50ml to 5L, -90°C to +250°C, Vacuum to 3 bar
Atlas is ideal Globe is possible - with upgrades Not Suitable
Manual Jacketed Reactor
50ml to 5L, -90°C to +250°C, Vacuum to 3 bar
Atlas is possible Globe is ideal Not Suitable
Automated Jacketed Reactor
>5L, >250°C or >3 Bar
Not Suitable Not Suitable Custom is ideal
Reaction Calorimeter
100ml to 2L, -40°C to +150°C, Vacuum to 3 bar
Atlas is ideal Not Suitable Not Suitable
Reaction Calorimeter
>250°C or >3 bar
Not Suitable Not Suitable Custom is ideal
Manual or Automated Round Bottom Flask/Vial Reactor
50ml to 2L, -40°C to +330°C, Vacuum to atmospheric
Atlas is ideal Not Suitable Not Suitable
Automated Pressure Reactor
100ml to 450ml, -40°C to +330°C, Vacuum to 200bar
Atlas is ideal Not Suitable Not Suitable
Key: Ideal
Not Suitable
Not Suitable
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