Asia Automated Systems

Asia Automated Systems
Asia 2-series flow chemistry systems can automatically perform one experiment at a time. Parameters such as reaction temperature, pressure, reagent injections and collection timings are all automated. These systems are ideal for introduction to the world of flow synthesis. There are three pre-configured systems for different levels of price and functionality.
Asia 210
Flow Chemistry System
Inert solvent/reagent store
2 chemically resistant ultra smooth pump channels
Glass microreactor with heater and cooler
Back pressure controller for super heating
Product collector
Automation of reaction conditions and collection
Asia 220
Flow Chemistry System
Features of 210 plus…
2 automated reagent injection loops
High temperature microreactor heater
Solid phase chemistry reactors and heater adaptor
Preparative scale tube reactor and heater adaptor
Asia 230
Flow Chemistry System
Features of 220 plus…
2 additional pump channels
2 additional injection loops
Flow aqueous work-up
Full PC software control

Asia Modules

Due to the modular nature of the system all the Asia modules can be purchased separately, then arranged in any fashion to add new functionalities to an existing system. The system can advance with the needs and requirements of your evolving chemistry. The table below demonstates the modules included in the 2-series systems.

Module asia 210 asia 220 asia 230
Pressurized Input Store Standard Standard Standard
Pump (2 Channels, No Syringes) Standard Standard 2 Parts Standard
Reagent Injector Option Standard 2 Parts Standard
Microreactor Standard 2 Parts Standard 4 Parts Standard
Tube Reactor Option 2 Parts Standard 2 Parts Standard
Column Reactor Option Standard Standard
Chip Climate Controller Standard Standard Standard
Heater Option Standard Standard
Heater Chip Adaptor Option Standard Standard
Heater Column Adaptor Option Standard Standard
Heater Tube Adaptor Option Standard Standard
Pressure Controller Standard Standard Standard
FLLEX Option Option Standard
Asia Sampler and Dilutor Option Option Option
Product Collector Standard Standard Standard
Automated Collector Option Option Option
Automator Standard Standard 2 Parts Standard
Asia Manager PC Software Option Option Standard

Standard standard Option option